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NYC Executive Coaching

HigherEchelon provides leadership training and executive coaching courses and services to any company or organization in New York City. Our team of internationally-certified instructors has empowered leaders and executives to achieve their full potential and excel in a corporate environment. Contact us today to see how our NYC executive coaching services can help your company.

Why Choose Us?

At HigherEchelon, we provide unique executive coaching through a mix of education and experience.

  • All of our executive coaches are formally educated in psychology disciplines, with all of them achieving either Ph.D.s or Master’s degrees in disciplines such as Industrial Organizational Psychology and Sport and Performance Psychology.
  • Our team is certified by numerous internationally recognized organizations, including the International Coaching Federation and the Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology.
  • We are experienced in advising all types of leaders from all walks of life and all types of organizations. This includes small businesses, mid-sized companies, Fortune 500 corporations, and various government contractors in the public and military sector.

Executive Coaching in New York City

Our team of executive coaches and leadership instructors can help various New York City organizations across a wide breadth of industries. This includes companies in:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Education

Additionally, with proven success in the public sector, we can provide our NYC executive coaching services and leadership training to government contractors and military organizations within the city as well.

Choosing the Right NYC Executive Coaching Services

Due to the large amount of unqualified, questionable practices available, there is a negative stigma associated with executive coaching and leadership training. However, it is important to note that legitimate training services can provide incredible benefits for your organization. It is highly recommended to seek out an executive coach with the following traits:

  • Education. There are many professional athletes and former executives who explore executive coaching due to their experience. However, because of their lack of formal education, they may often advocate practices and advice that may actually end up doing more harm than good. Those with advanced psychology degrees understand how to better approach an organization without the potential harm to a leader’s mental and emotional health.
  • Proven experience. If an executive coaching service cannot give you the number of years they have been instructing management, or a list of successful clients and testimonials, they may likely not be the ideal candidate for your needs.
  • Communication. Some leadership training seeks to instruct an organization’s executives without first consulting the needs of the company – or the preferred method of training. This often leads to unrealistic expectations on both sides, and disappointing results for the company.
  • Certifications. Those who are certified by internationally recognized leadership and psychology organizations are often more trustworthy and reputable.

Due to the relatively high stakes at hand, it is crucial to properly screen and vet any prospective leadership training and New York City executive coaching services you are contemplating.

We Can Help All Leaders in Your Organization

At HigherEchelon, we are committed to assisting leadership and management at all levels of our organization.

  • We help individual leaders and businessowners accurately assess their own strengths and general overall business goals.
  • We empower new managers who are new to leadership and managing people.
  • We consult mid-level management and any other directors who may need further guidance in leading their subordinates.
  • We provide C-suite executives the guidance needed to set big-picture strategies and long-term goals.

If needed, we also offer the ability to network with leadership in similar levels and positions. This enables a collaborative atmosphere where executives can share their experiences and lend insights into their specific practices and abilities.

Contact Us for Effective Executive Coaching in New York City

If you or your organization requires assistance in improvements at a management or leadership level, please contact us today. We are dedicated providing premium training to companies of all shapes and sizes.