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Process Improvement

The shifts to the information age and the global marketplace have presented new and complex challenges with regard to creativity and innovation. These shifts require organizational leaders to rely less on the traditional tools and techniques of management. Although hierarchical organizational structures, standardized procedures, formal planning processes, centralized decision making, and numbers-oriented control systems ensure steadiness, operational efficiency, and predictable results, these same processes have tended to limit and impede the flexibility needed for innovation, creativity, and change. Instead, adaptive leaders have relaxed these organizational principles and have focused more on strategic visions to motivate, inspire, and empower all employees to share internal knowledge, gather external information, and challenge the status quo…which enables creativity. Because human performance is regulated through cognitive, emotional, motivational, and decisional processes, especially during setbacks and challenging circumstances, leaders should invest in mindfulness, adaptive mind-sets, goal achievement, energy management, situational awareness, and self-awareness in an effort to improve flexible and adaptive leadership skills.

Organizations must find ways to do more with less, in an increasingly changing and ambiguous environment. With this in mind, HigherEchelon provides a variety of organizational performance consulting services to improve effectiveness, save money, and enhance agency satisfaction ratings. The HigherEchelon team boasts a wide range of expertise that includes process engineering, six sigma, supply management processes, complex systems implementations and customer relationship management . Combined with program management expertise and leader development, HigherEchelon can implement entire programs or provide subject matter experts to support the needs of the client.

If you want a responsive, highly capable, and affordable company to address any phase of your Process Improvement needs, contact HigherEchelon.

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