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Clinical Laboratory Testing Company

Background. Recently, HigherEchelon provided consulting services to a company that is a leader in clinical laboratory testing and medication adherence monitoring. They utilize a population health management platform which ensures appropriate utilization of clinical drug testing while delivering it at a reduced rate. In sum, the company brings together health insurers, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), pharmacies, health providers, and patients for more effective medication adherence monitoring. They help transform the laboratory industry by leveraging next generation testing technology, data analytics, and a holistic approach to provide important diagnostic information to their partners.

Situation. The client was embarking on two large scale changes: the withdrawal of a private equity firm, and the likely acquisition of another organization. These two changes were causing internal anxiety, and the leadership team wanted to ensure that leaders would clearly communicate changes and be equipped to lead through such changes. They sought training and solutions that would achieve the following:

  • Improve the team’s ability to adapt in a constantly changing environment
  • Increase the level of employee motivation and engagement by reducing anxiety
  • Improve organizational culture and leadership through executive coaching services

Solution. To address the culture, change management, and leadership, HigherEchelon, conducted a front-end analysis, to pin point their specific challenges. We then implemented leadership workshops oriented on change management, the mental/emotional components of high performance, 360 assessments, and coaching to provide the leaders with the tools to improve effectiveness during a turbulent period. Ultimately HigherEchelon

  • Delivered a two-day Leadership Workshop and 360 Assessment which provided members of the executive and middle leadership team with skills to be change agents, manage difficult conversations, and build self-awareness.
  • Provided instruction on how to deliver effective and meaningful feedback, understand the organizational direction to lead their team through upcoming changes, and utilize practical tools to enhance their leadership effectiveness.
  • Provided bi-monthly coaching to reinforce the in-person workshop aimed at creating a culture of engaged and motivated team members who adapt fluidly in a constantly changing environment and decrease the attrition rate of talented employees. Group coaching provided the space for the leadership team to openly discuss team specific successes and challenges when applying the content from the in-person training.

Impacts. During the six-month engagement, HigherEchelon further developed their ability to lead through a very challenging time. Accordingly, leaders developed the performance skills to remain adaptable and resilient and maintain a high level of employee engagement. As a result of the training, leaders:

  • Developed the tools to drive engagement and high performance of their teams.
  • Practiced incorporating tools to increase their mindfulness, self-regulation, and ability to manage stress.
  • Were equipped with concrete methods to build cohesive and productive work teams.
  • Developed strategies to lead change efforts smoothly and effectively.

“HigherEchelon’s training helped us understand why taking a pause now, at the expense of it seeming like nothing was getting done, would be beneficial to sustainable performance.” –COO