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Augmented Reality’s Applications for Military Medical Training

January 3, 2023 in

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To navigate high-stress, fast-paced combat scenarios, military first responders need realistic and comprehensive medical training. However, real-life training scenarios can be expensive, time-consuming, and logistically difficult to orchestrate. As a result, some first responders enter the field with less hands-on experience than is ideal.

Fortunately, augmented reality (AR) is changing this landscape. AR technology imposes visual representations on top of real-world situations, helping military medical providers practice their skills in safe, relatively low-cost environments. There are many powerful applications for AR in military medical training, from visualizing how wounds affect the human body to learning how to safely stabilize and transport the wounded.

How Can AR Help Train Military Medical Professionals?

Many companies and government agencies are exploring ways to incorporate AR into military medical training programs. Using AR technology, military trainers can provide a realistic environment where learners can practice critical skills related to combat first response.

These simulations typically involve a physical component, such as a mannequin or human role-playing an injured person, overlaid with graphics. Often, these graphics present important information on the screen, such as pulse level, step-by-step animations, anatomy diagrams, and live feedback from an instructor. 

There are many potential applications for AR in military medical training, such as the following:

  • Practicing how to correctly apply a tourniquet
  • Learning how to provide critical wound care that could help save a service member’s life
  • Practicing ways to stabilize and transport wounded people off of the battlefield
  • Learning how to perform complex procedures in combat, such as chest tube thoracotomies
  • Identifying different structures in the human body and gaining valuable anatomical knowledge

Benefits of Augmented Reality for Military Medics

With AR technology, participants in medical military training can ensure that they are performing the correct actions in the right location. They can also use this technology to practice procedures that are very complicated but critical in life-threatening, high-stress situations. 

Additionally, many AR applications include supplemental information to elevate the training experience. Participants can see valuable data directly on their screens, which can reinforce learning and help medics commit important information to memory. Furthermore, trainers could monitor participants remotely and provide feedback and guidance, which would reinforce the concepts that they are learning.

Best of all, AR training can be conducted in a low-risk environment while simulating dangerous scenarios. With a hybrid or remote approach, medics can be prepared for combat without the stress and expense of 100% on-premises training. 

Contact HigherEchelon for Augmented Reality Training Solutions

Augmented reality technology is incredibly powerful. Its applications expand across industries, from sports and medicine to law enforcement and the military. For medics in tactical combat environments, AR training can help them better learn how to stabilize, resuscitate, and transport their fellow soldiers in a low-risk, hands-on environment.

If you are interested in implementing AR technology in your military training program, HigherEchelon can help. We offer a range of secure, advanced simulation solutions that are tailored to the needs of your team. By adopting our solutions, you can take advantage of rapidly changing technology and give your soldiers a competitive edge.

Our AR experts are here to help you explore your options and bring medical training scenarios to life. Call us at 866-488-9228, email us at Solutions@higherechelon.com, or fill out this form to discuss your needs.

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