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HigherEchelon Invests In Cyber Future as a Fore Cyber Progress Partner

February 9, 2021 in
Press release courtesy of The Huntsville Championship HUNTSVILLE, ALA. – The Huntsville Championship unveils its new Fore Cyber Progress Scholarship Program. The scholarship program is a direct business product tied to the Huntsville Championship’s top-level goal to make a tangible impact on the North Alabama community within its community pillar. The Huntsville Championship is...
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You Can’t Change Work ‘Culture’ Until You Understand It

February 2, 2021 in
Author: Donnie Horner, Ph.D. Culture is one of the most expressed and least understood concepts on Earth. As one NFL observer (accurately) noted, there is not a newly hired head coach who does not address the need to change the culture of the team. Other observers (incorrectly) note: “Coach X is bringing a winning...
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HigherEchelon Earns Great Place To Work-Certified Company Designation; Achieves Rare Results

January 26, 2021 in
HigherEchelon, Inc. Earns Great Place To Work-Certified™ Company Designation; Achieves Rare Results Compared to Typical Companies HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA – HigherEchelon, Inc. this month announced the company achieved Great Place to Work-Certified™ designation based upon validated employee feedback gathered with rigorous, data-driven methodology. HigherEchelon’s results significantly surpassed the typical company’s results, according to Great Place...
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Why most change management efforts fail (and 4 ways to help them succeed)

Author: Dr. Donnie Horner Maybe your organization is transitioning to a new technology and team members are digging in their heels.  Maybe there is an important organization-wide initiative that is floundering. Why do most change efforts fail? Often, because they require a change to some aspect of an organization’s culture. What is Culture? Culture...
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Salesforce: Nine Fantastic New Features in the Spring ‘21 Release

Looking for a trusted Salesforce implementation partner? We’d love to discuss your needs. Call us at 866-469-9945, email us at Solutions@higherechelon.com, or fill out this form for a free consultation. By Katie Levy Even though we are only a few weeks into winter, it is already time to start planning for the next Salesforce release –...
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