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Why Should Your Business Hire for Adaptability?

March 31, 2023 in

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business world, adaptability has become a critical skill that every employee must possess. The ability to adapt to new situations, environments, and challenges is essential for the long-term success of any business. Having a workforce that is adaptable and open to change can help businesses to pivot their strategies and operations in response to new market conditions, emerging technologies, and changing customer demands. 

The Benefits of Adaptability in the Workplace

Adaptability is crucial in the workplace for several reasons. First, adaptable employees are more likely to cope with change and uncertainty. They are also better equipped to handle unexpected situations and are more flexible in their approach to problem-solving. This means that they can adjust quickly to new responsibilities, roles, and projects, which can be particularly beneficial in fast-paced and dynamic industries.

Secondly, adaptable employees are more resilient. They are better equipped to deal with stress and pressure and are less likely to become overwhelmed when faced with challenging situations. This can help to reduce absenteeism, improve productivity, and enhance job satisfaction. 

Finally, adaptable employees are more open-minded and are more likely to embrace new ideas and perspectives. This can help to foster a culture of innovation and creativity, which is vital for businesses looking to stay competitive in today’s market.

How to Identify an Adaptable Applicant

Identifying an adaptable applicant can be challenging, but there are certain traits and characteristics that you can look out for during the recruitment process. During an interview, consider asking applicants about scenarios that demonstrate their adaptability:

  • Can you describe a situation where you had to collaborate with someone who had a different work style or was difficult to work with?
  • Tell me about a time when you were assigned a task that fell outside of your usual responsibilities. How did you handle it?
  • Have you ever worked on a project that underwent significant changes after you had invested a considerable amount of time in it? How did you adapt to these changes?
  • Have you ever had to learn a new software or work process? How did you approach this learning experience?
  • When starting a new job, what do you consider to be the biggest challenges?

These questions can help to reveal an applicant’s level of adaptability and ability to handle change and unexpected situations. Adaptable applicants will likely have examples of times they have successfully navigated these scenarios, while less adaptable applicants may struggle to come up with relevant examples or may demonstrate inflexibility in their responses.

Build Adaptability and Resilience with HigherEchelon

Adaptability is a critical skill that every employee should possess. Hiring individuals who are adaptable and possess the ability to learn and grow is essential for the long-term success of any business. If you want to build adaptability within your existing leadership team and workforce, trust HigherEchelon for help.

Our Resilient and Adaptable Leader© Program is designed to optimize leadership development and human performance using the principles of organizational and performance psychology. By participating in this course, leaders can increase their awareness, change their mindsets, and become the strong, resilient, and adaptable leaders that they want to be.

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