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RAL Mindfulness

Mindfulness Application 1

Basketball is Ben’s life. He played in high school, was a Forward in college, and now, in his first year in the NBA, he’s playing Point Guard. Ben has always been an all-round athlete, hitting each sport in season, and he attended all four years of University on basketball scholarship. Ben held the NCAA record for free throws, but he just can’t seem to up his game for the pros. When it comes to free throws, the pressure and fatigue leave him stressed instead of focused. His current percentage is 67. Ben has to do something about his free throw average.

Mindfulness is often associated with meditating on top of a mountain far from any distractions or cares in the world. The reality is that most of our work in business and in sports exists amongst chaos. Therefore, in order to perform at our best, we must be able to generate a present and focused mind during chaos. Studying mindfulness and teaching mindfulness to athletes, Special Forces, surgeons, and business professionals has afforded HigherEchelon the experience necessary to guide individuals and teams to develop mindfulness for any chaotic situation. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Mindfulness Application 2

Will was a top notch designer in the electronics industry. After 30 years in that role, Will was experiencing burnout. When an Applications Engineering position became available, Will decided to apply. His management understood the challenges he was facing, and Will was given the opportunity to leave the four walls. Will was extremely confident with his design skill, but he had never before worked in the customers’ environs. He found it extremely different to think on his feet, to answer the customer real-time, and to present a positive image no matter the challenge before him.

Of course, each customer had a sales representative who traveled with Will. The sales reps were not happy with the way Will interacted with their customers. They felt that Will needed development in the area of customer relations. Will was discouraged but wanted to make the transition work.

The process of learning a new skill, whether it’s a tangible motor skill or an intangible skill like customer relations, requires intention, repetition, and a clear mind. By training mental skills, we can help Will learn his new skill in a shorter amount of time than the traditional educator of experience only. Contact us to schedule a consultation.