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Team Solutions

What Problems Do We Solve?

We bring together training and technology to get your organization to the next level. We are driven by a passion to help clients win in the complex modern working enviroment. As such — we are dedicated to (1) listening carefully in a discovery stage to ensure our solutions will move the needle for you. If we decide to move forward together, we will (2) design a custom plan to achieve the desired outcomes, (3) deliver our services and (4) measure and report back on effectiveness throughout the engagement and at completion.

Our human capital solutions bring together psychology and cutting-edge technology to guide teams to consistent performance and competitive advantages.

HigherEchelon’s unique approach to training combines principles from Sport and Performance Psychology, Organizational Behavior, and Industrial and Organizational Psychology to create experiential learning opportunities that equip individuals and teams with skills they can immediately leverage to improve performance, increase productivity, manage stress, and maintain wellbeing.

Through consistent development and execution of acquired skill sets, individuals and teams can perform at the upper range of their potential, with results such as increased working memory capacity, better coherence between the sub-systems of the autonomic nervous system (enabling the performer to maintain composure and focus during high pressure situations), improved critical thinking, swifter reactions, and automatic performance that previously required mental energy.

Our Solutions


RAL Mastermind Group is a leadership development program that connects key leaders facing similar challenges, striving for audacious goals, and seeking to unlock the performance of their team. Our facilitators work with this peer group to incorporate content from our Resilient and Adaptable Leader© program and apply high-performance concepts to challenging leadership scenarios.

In each facilitated session, you will work with a unique team of seasoned executives to discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions, and uphold accountability. Our professionals in the fields of leadership and high performance help the group gain new outlooks, deepen leadership skills, and produce fresh insights.

The RAL Mastermind Group is perfect for executive leaders who would benefit from relationships with like-minded peers in similar positions at other organizations who can discuss challenging and sensitive issues with a mind toward solutions, growth, and accountability.

RAL Mastermind Groups are $2,450 per participant and include 6 facilitated sessions.



We offer virtual or on-site group coaching sessions as part of our reinforcement training to ensure learning objectives “stick” after workshops and other training opportunities. Group coaching usually occurs with members of the same organization who benefit from the camaraderie, collaboration, and follow-on learning that group coaching affords.

Group coaching is perfect for small groups seeking further development in specific competencies. Each coaching session is one hour, performed remotely by a certified coach or at the customer’s location. Groups are usually kept to 5-7 participants to ensure maximum benefit. Total cost per group coaching session is $2,750 — this fee covers all participants.


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Customer Reviews

“I worked on the Attention Control stuff you sent as I prepped to go into this position over the last two weeks. It really helped me to come in here and make an immediate impact. Thank you again. I keep telling everybody about [the training]. In hindsight, I think it was one of the best things I was able to do in CGSC.”




High Performance Teams Don’t Paint By Numbers

Ready for a fresh take on team-building? Would you like to have fun, bond with your teammates, and learn valuable high performance lessons at the same event? Our unique Performance & Paint team-building event is the perfect opportunity to deepen relationships with your colleagues while unleashing your creative side.

In this dynamic, innovative, and fun workshop, we combine the best of scientifically-based high-performance training with a guided team collaborative art project.

The Result?

  • Distinctive insights on team dynamics involving communication, collaboration, leadership, and trust.
  • A team cohesion experience unlike any other.
  • The opportunity to create a unique work of art that visually brings your team vision, mission, and values to life.

Who Is This Perfect For?

This experience is perfect for any group that wants to try something new and unique together, while learning and experiencing high performance principals. Offered either as a stand-alone facilitated event or as part of our signature series of workshops and Human Capital Services solutions, Performance & Paint is especially ideal for corporate teams who would value the creativity-sparking benefits a new experience provides.

Not only will you have fun creating a beautiful work of team art to prominently display in your office (or elsewhere!), you’ll also learn valuable lessons about high performance and teamwork.

Why Choose Our Team-Building Performance & Paint Event?


“In medical sales, like sports, the mental game is essential. HigherEchelon’s performance-based approach to training had a very positive impact to my sales team’s performance. We overcame so much doubt, rejection, and negativity to build trust, lasting relationships, and improve our overall culture, and finished with our best year ever.”


“I would highly recommend [performance and paint] to everyone. I gained personal development from participating and I think you saw what our team is like when we are actually working. We had a lovely time! The team was so full of life and encouraging. I must say that this is my favorite part of the whole event.”

— Tea Taylor, Associate Director of NASA Network and Telecommunications Services



Our team is certified in a variety of scientifically validated assessments to help equip you with the social and emotional knowledge to take your performance to the next level.  Our highly skills team will support you in understanding and applying the results of your assessments on a daily basis, having a lasting impact on your performance.  To learn more about the assessment we offer, visits our Assessments page or connect with a team member to determine which option would be the best fit for you.