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Navy Senior Executive Transition Course Seminar (NSECTS)

What are the objectives of NSECTS?

Flag/General Officer Career Transition Seminar (CTS): To develop and conduct a career transition program that is specifically designed to meet the unique needs and concerns of retiring United States Navy and Marine Corps flag and general officers. The program must use executive education principles that combine theory and practice to deliver in depth knowledge for immediate impact. Curriculum, course work, and instruction must thoroughly prepare Admirals and General Officers to successfully transition from military service and reenter the Nation’s civilian work force.

Our Services

HigherEchelon prepares General Officers and their spouses to transition from executive military service to the civilian workforce in accordance with the Veterans Opportunity to Work (VOW) Act and other related directives and policies. Our curriculum and instructional design is based on principles of executive education using adult learning models and challenging experiential education. Through collaboration with industry, HigherEchelon provides challenging exercises in breakout groups and reflection opportunities for the transitioning general officers develop the products and skills they need to reenter the civilian workforce. We focus on pre-separation counseling, individual transition planning, resume preparation, networking preparation, and individual employment assistance