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VBA Executive Leadership Coaching & Training Program (ELCP)

HigherEchelon provides support to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), and Office of Employee Development and Training (EDT). We provide performance and leadership training and executive coaching in support of VBA’s national Executive Leadership Coaching and Training initiatives. Our program provides both group training and individualized coaching sessions to support the MyVA transformation initiative. We also provide training for Staff, Regional, and District Offices on leadership development, strategic planning, and workforce development.

What is VBA ELCP?

The VBA ELCP is a national training and coaching program for developing VBA leaders. It is a multi-week training program with coaching to develop leadership and VBA competencies. It promotes lifelong learning and is a key component in VA’s MyVA initiative and leader development. It provides VBA leaders the training for resilience and self-awareness across the VA competencies. We work with the leaders in interpreting their 360-degree assessment and assist in the creation and implementation of an effective development plan in support of their performance evaluation. The training is based on the Office of Professional Management (OPM) Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) and the VBA competencies.

Our Services

Our program includes the implementation and facilitation of the Executive Leadership Coaching Program (ELCP), consulting with Regional and Staff Offices on leadership development training support, providing consultation on strategic planning, succession planning, and workforce development.