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#15: Creating Space for Connection through Listening and Understanding with Dr. Lani Lawrence

December 2, 2020 in

Creating Space for Connection through Listening and Understanding with Dr. Lani Lawrence, Clinical Sport Psychologist and Director of Player Engagement for the New York Giants

Today’s Coaching Through Stories episode features Dr. Nohelani (Lani) Lawrence, a Clinical and Sport Psychologist and the current Director of Wellness and Clinical Services for the New York Giants. Prior to joining the Giants, her background in sport and clinical psychology has given her a unique insight and perspective on the concerns of student-athletes.

In today’s podcast, Lani shares how she navigates challenges, how she builds trust and connections, and her advice for those who are dealing with uncertainty and discomfort. Lani discusses how we all need an outlet to feel understood and it helps for someone to bear witness to the challenges we experience in life.  Developing trust and listening are critical for helping others feel understood. Do you have the listening skills that create the space needed for others to share their stories?

Key Points:

  1. Trust is crucial when it comes to building connections.
  2. Being heard, accepted, and understood can be life-saving; provide space to listen.
  3. Knowing your WHY can help you push through challenging times.

Episode Highlights:

  • Lani’s current role and passions
  • The story that started Lani on her current path
  • What Lani’s messaging was growing up
  • What excites Lani the most about her new role as the Director of Player Engagement and Sport Psychologist for the NY Giants
  • How Lani navigates challenges to achieve her personal goals and that of the organization
  • How Lani goes about building trust and connection
  • What being heard, accepted, and understood enables one to do
  • Challenges Lani faced as a leader
  • Lani’s thoughts on intrinsic motivation
  • Lani’s advice for people who need to deal with uncertainty and discomfort 
  • The self-care practices that have helped Lani focus on what’s controllable
  • Character traits, values, and virtues tend to shine when we reflect on what really matters to us rather than our accomplishments and awards
  • Two books Lani recommends: Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein and The Mindful Athlete: Secrets to Pure Performance by George Mumford

Resources Mentioned:

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